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Back in 2004, I started blogging about the happenings in my life.  It was a general collection of my lamentations about college life, paper-writing, and homesickness.  Life continued, I graduated from my beloved college life and moved on to living my dream:  teaching.

The more blogging I do, the more I feel compelled to continue writing about my life as I know it.  It currently revolves around my classroom, my students, and my friends.  I’ve decided to separate out those school/teaching posts and collect them here, on You Make It Happen.  I plan to continue blogging about other things (sports, Nashville life, etc.) over on Smile In Trouble.

Currently, I teach 5th grade reading/language arts and social studies at a middle school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Oh, and as for the name for the blog?  It’s my new mantra.  My friend and roommate introduced me to an artist’s Etsy shop, where this phrase was written out as art.  It now hangs on the wall of my house and classroom, a constant reminder that I am in control of everything in my life and career.  Four pretty powerful words, if you ask me.


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