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The Impact I Hope to Have

March 19, 2013

I remember almost too vividly the walks home. Tears rolled freely down my young cheeks as I journeyed to our small but cozy apartment. The walk wasn’t that long, but it seemed as if it would never end. I just wanted to be home with my family who accepted and loved me. You see, the kids at school found delight in picking on me because I was different. Moving from Tennessee to Kansas as a sensitive seven year-old was hard enough, but my classmates made it even harder.

My fellow students taunted me about my southern accent, my chubby build, and a myriad of other personal characteristics. It was objectionable that the children were treating a peer in this manner, but worse was my teacher’s refusal to aid me in dealing with the criticism. She told both me and my parents that I simply had to learn how to deal with it. I understand her intentions of helping me grow into an emotionally strong person, but this most certainly was not the manner in which to achieve her goal.

This experience in the fourth grade intensified my desire to become a teacher. I have aspired to be one for practically as long as I can remember, but this difficult school year allowed me to comprehend the impact that a teacher can have on a child’s life. The teacher is presented with the opportunity to not only teach a child times tables, but also to convey the importance of kindness and compassion for others.

It is my hope that I will make a sizable impact on the lives of all the children I will teach. Just as I wrote of the impact of my fourth grade teacher on my life, I look forward to a student recording a story of my impact on them, although I know it will be in a much more positive light.

I recently ran across a copy of this, my college admission essay, and found it so comforting to know that I have achieved my goal of becoming a teacher. It’s my hope that some of my students now have a story of my impact on their life.

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  1. March 19, 2013 12:16 pm

    You have made a difference. Hopefully one day you will stumble across a post here: I love this site, for the testimonials

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