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Heartwarming Success Story

August 27, 2012

A few months ago, I wrote a post about an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “The Education of Dasmine Cathey.” Dasmine’s story struck me for two reasons: (1) it reminds me of Steven, a former student who forever touched my life and (2) I believe these stories are more common than many of us would care to think.  I think of this story often, bringing Dasmine’s name in conversations about the importance of identifying struggling students and providing them with meaningful and effective interventions (academic and otherwise).

Then, two Sundays ago, my family and I were packed into seats in Memphis’ FedEx Forum to watch my little sister graduate from the University of Memphis.  I was engrossed in my Twitter feed, while my mother and father followed along in the printed program with the names being called, each of us trying to keep from dying of boredom.

“Dasmine D. Cathey,” stated the Pronouncer.

I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement.  My father thought I had gone crazy, but then I explained the story to him.  It’s possible that I was more proud of “Daz” (whom I’ve never met) than I was of my own sister for graduating. (Don’t tell her this.)

If you would like to see the program for yourself, click here.

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