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Poll Everywhere

August 6, 2012

During last week’s inservice, I did a training with our teachers on using iPads in the classroom (more on that later).  On the session evaluations, several of our staff members asked questions about the Poll Everywhere site I used.  Poll Everywhere is a great response system that is extremely adaptable and usable in many different situations.  It can be used on iPads (as it was during our session).  But because it’s web-based and not an iPad app, it’s also useable for students on netbooks, desktop computers, and it even allows for text messaged responses.

To get started with Poll Everywhere, you should check out their How it Works page for some details.  When you sign up, be sure to use your school email address so you can get the benefits of the educational membership.

In addition to the How it Works page provided by Poll Everywhere, I’ve created a short video explaining some of the tricks I’ve discovered over the past year of using PollEv in the classroom.  Click here to watch the video.

Feel free to leave comments or questions here on the blog and I will answer them for all to see!  If you would like to keep your questions private, you can always email me and I’ll get right back to you.

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