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June 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: I like it when people say nice things to me.

I know this shouldn’t be dubbed an “epiphany.” Don’t we all know that nice words make us feel good?  But for me, it truly was a turning point yesterday when people complimented me on something I did well in my work.  This wasn’t about a cute outfit or a delicious pie.  It was true, valuable, self-esteem building feedback.

We spend so much time as teachers (and humans) trying to fix our flaws.  I personally focus on things that I’m not good at far more often than I should.  That negative self-talk brings me down.  Having outside positive encouragement helps refocus my brain on thinking about things I’m good at doing.

GOAL: To start saying nice things to others more often.  If it makes me feel this good, I would really like to just spread the love.


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