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The Power of the Power (Button)

March 5, 2012

So the cool thing about teaching while all students have iPads is that they are completely, 100% engaged in the task.  On the iPad.  They really couldn’t care less about me other than the fact that they wholeheartedly believe I personally “got them” iPads.

Unfortunately for the students, they do still have to listen to me sometimes.  Starting last week, I was allowing them to watch me go through processes on my iPad as they attempted to follow along on their own to complete the steps (to sign up for Edmodo, read a book, or send an email).  I quickly realized this would never work.  Many of them were struggling to keep up or playing on another app or taking pictures of themselves or whizzing past me because they already know how to do this.

So I put a stop to that.  Anytime I need their attention, they must put their iPads to “sleep” by pushing the power button.  That really keeps their focus where it needs to be.  The nice thing about iPads is that whatever the students were working on isn’t completely gone and it takes just a second to fire it back up and start right where they left off.  The added bonus here is that they will pay very close attention to me while I talk…because they want to get back to the iPad!

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