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Day 1 of 1:1

February 27, 2012

Today is the day, friends.  It’s the day that I welcome my students to the 21st century and the endless possibilities technology provides.

Today is the day they get their iPads.

Back in October, my administrator came and asked me what I thought about teaching in a one-to-one classroom.  My response: “I would love nothing more!”  At the time, in our temporary building with outdated computers, no projectors, and certainly no wi-fi, the thought of iPads roaming about the school was downright comical.  Thanks to funds from Tennessee’s winning Race to the Top proposal, all of this has turned around.

In the last month, I have gone from no technology to being constantly inundated with more.  The beginning of January was just like any other time in my classroom.  I was passing out paper each day with our daily math problems, which were worked out in Expo marker on the old-fashioned whiteboard.  The end of January saw our classroom transform into a technology haven.  There’s a projector, a SmartBoard, a wi-fi access point….and 25 iPads!

The students don’t know about that last part yet, but they will find out today.  Stay tuned for updates!

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