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Where my crazies at?

August 22, 2011

Though I’m still suffering through the foggy-brained Survival Mode we all experience at the beginning of the year, I have one piece of clarity about my students: they are awesome.

Each morning, each of them greets me at the door, walks to their seats, and silently (and correctly) completes their Bell Ringer assignment before begging me to allow them time to browse the classroom library.

And each morning, I ask myself: “Is this real life?”

Though I know it’s only week one and some of them will begin to show their true colors eventually, I don’t really see any potential crazies in this small group of 16 students.

I love the challenge that students with behavioral issues provide.  Working with those children is one of the major reasons I chose to teach at an inner-city middle school.  The excitement and chance to make a difference has kept me going for the past three years.

This year, my personal challenge will be to avoid boredom.  My hope is to do that by providing exciting and enriching classroom experiences for my students.  Only time will tell…

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