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All the Single Ladies

August 2, 2011

It’s wedding season in my life, and I’ve been left standing at the station with a knot on my head.

Here’s the situation:  I recieved no fewer than a half dozen wedding invites for this summer.  I’m undecided as to whether this is more about my never-ending popularity or the entertainment I seem to provide at each celebration.  Consider the following story a case-in-point.

It was once again time for the traditional bouquet toss, and I dutifully made my way to the dance floor as my mostly married/recently engaged friends watched.  Not wanting to bring any attention to myself by catching said bouquet, I purposefully positioned other single ladies in something of a barricade in front of me.  (Yes, I grabbed them by the shoulders and moved them like figurines.  I’m not too proud.)

I then hoofed it to my position, a solid three to four feet behind the nearest girl.  The bride peered back, looking to take aim at another friend who needs to get engaged sometime very, very soon.  She then turned her back and let ‘er rip.  (Little known fact: the bride could give Peyton Manning a run for his money.  There’s no way he can throw this far and fast without looking.)

As I looked up, horror washed over my face and fear filled my heart, for the bouquet was headed in my direction.  So I naturally did what any self-respecting single girl would do: I ducked.

It just so happens that there was an even more unfortunate occurrence that followed.

I was whomped upside the head by that bouquet.

Perhaps this was Cupid making his move.  The verdict is still out on that, though, as it’s been a solid three weeks since this event, and Prince Charming has yet to ride in on his white horse.  I may not have a gentleman to show for it, but I’ve got quite the knot on my forehead as proof that I provided another morsel of free entertainment at this friend’s wedding extravaganza.

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  1. MacKenzie permalink
    August 2, 2011 8:38 am

    Bahhahaha this makes me miss you so much!! Hope everything is well, other than the knot on your head 🙂

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