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Best Made Plans

July 11, 2011

Remember that time at the beginning of the summer when I set out a plan to talk about classroom blogging every Monday?  I do.  In fact, I haven’t forgotten about it.  I just didn’t have time.  There was a time that I even had the second post written, formatted, and ready to go.  Then cyberspace ate it up, never to be found again.

The purpose of writing about blogging over the course of the summer was twofold: (1) to share my experiences and (2) to help me prepare for a presentation I’ll be doing at the end of July.  Now, I’m left with two weeks (with a vacay in the middle) to prepare for that presentation.  In my past (college) life, two weeks to prep for a presentation was the equivalent of an eternity, so I should be fine.  My college cramming skills haven’t failed me yet!

On another note, this summer has been a frantic one!  Between my grandfather’s health issues and death, everyone I know getting married, our annual Michigan pilgrimage, a school district retreat, school trainings, and a summer job, this has been no relaxing summer.  I’m hanging on to the idea of what summer should be and enjoying frosty beverages by the pool, if only in my mind.

Here’s hoping that your summer is more relaxing!

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