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I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.

June 10, 2011

So sorry for being MIA these last couple of weeks.  They have been an absolute roller coaster, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat the entire time, not ever knowing what the next minutes hold in store.  The last two weeks have included:

  • confirmation that no doctor can figure out this mystery illness.
  • the discovery that I have a healthy heart. (!)
  • a cracked radiator. (And not one, but TWO tow truck rides.  On the same night.)
  • an amazing, incredible, wonderful field trip to visit Vanderbilt with our 5th graders.
  • field day.
  • the last day of school.
  • Banana Republic shifts.
  • more trips to Memphis than I care to count.
  • cuddling with my parents’ kittens.
  • my 25th birthday.

Throughout all of this, my grandfather has been very ill.  Each day there has been some change in his status.  To say that these last two weeks have been emotional would be a drastic understatement.  My Papaw was taken off life support on my birthday and passed away two days later.  I’m home for the funeral this weekend.

These last few weeks have reaffirmed how truly amazing my friends and family are.  I’m so thankful for their encouragement, support, and love.

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  1. megstermeter permalink
    June 10, 2011 4:34 pm

    So sorry to hear about your grandpa! Hope you are hanging in there okay.

  2. rachel permalink
    June 17, 2011 9:16 pm

    Sorry I have been MIA. I’m so sorry about your grandfather. Wish I had known earlier so I could have helped in some way. I love you sweetie and if you need anything, even if just someone to vent to, please call me (e-mail, facebook, whatever). Love you lots and am SO glad that in a month I’ll be able to give you a BIG hug.

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