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Ending on a High Note

May 20, 2011

This week’s highlights:

  • I may or may not have the plague.  Or some other mystery illness.  Let’s all pray for not.
  • My “Carrie Underwood outfit” was a hit among the 13-and-under crowd.
  • After school detention nearly killed me.  How is it that I always end up keeping detention when it’s only 5th graders?  Where are all the other delinquents in our school?  I know those 8th graders are no saints.
  • A future student vandalized a teacher’s car in the school parking lot.  I’m bracing myself now for his arrival in August.
  • Writing scores arrived, and I didn’t even cry!
  • My students and I participated in our last Writer’s Workshop as a group.  This time, I cried.
  • The kids asked if they could keep blogging over the summer.  HECK. YES. YOU CAN!
  • We finalized plans to take the kiddos on a college tour next week.  Vanderbilt won’t know what hit ’em with all these promising middle schoolers wandering their sidewalks!
  • Banana Republic (my other employer!) donated lots of gallons of paint to our school’s mural painting endeavors.  Then, they informed me that if we “let them” come volunteer one day, Gap, Inc. will donate money to our school.  Seriously!
And I’m attending a bluegrass jam tonight.  Love.
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