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We did it!

May 16, 2011

Over the weekend, it occurred to me that I never shared our biggest accomplishment of the year:  publication of our class blog!  This was a goal I developed for my classroom last summer, and did quite a bit of research to learn about.  I knew how to blog.  How could I effectively teach my students about it?

Talking with other educators/tech gurus at the Boothbay Literacy Retreat, perusing other class blogs, and reading numerous articles about classroom blogging helped to guide my instruction.

Creating a classroom blog was a journey that I am glad to have embarked upon with this group of students.  I truly believe that many other groups (even at our school) would not have been as successful with this challenging task.  To date, about 80% of my students have published at least one post on our blog, with about 15% more nearing that goal.

Having been through the challenges, roadblocks, and blunders of introducing and creating a class blog, I’ve decided to dedicate Mondays here to classroom blogging.  I’ll share steps I followed, along with what worked and what didn’t.  It’s my hope that documenting this journey retrospectively will help other teachers looking to introduce blogging into their classrooms.

Oh, and if you want to see our class blog (and maybe comment for some of these budding journalists), check out Lion’s Pride!

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