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Power Sentences

January 28, 2011

Shockingly, when they come to me as 5th graders, they are severely lacking in the ability to write a complete sentence (you know, capital letter, end mark, subject, verb…).  Each Friday as my students enter the room, they are required to write three sentences about things they learned that week.  This is my way of helping them practice those skills using a checklist we have posted on the wall.  It also allows them some powerful reflective time to help sum up things they learned in any of their classes that week.  The students actually really enjoy doing this.

I need to give credit where credit is due!  I’m certainly not smart enough to come up with this on my own, so the credit goes to our district’s Foreign Language Coordinator and all-around awesome lady, Beckie Gibson.

As it turns out, I like the idea as much as the kids do!  I’m thinking of doing this as kind of a “Week In Review” each week here at the blog.  Maybe someday soon I’ll decide what to call it (ideas welcome!).

Wouldn’t want to keep you waiting, so here goes.  This week, I:

  • learned that lost time is something you can’t get back.
  • freaked myself out by looking at the (essentially non-existent) probability that my students will achieve proficiency on our standardized test.
  • celebrated Snow Day #9.  Only 3 more until we’re in school on my June 7th birthday!
  • used said Snow Day #9 to get my eyes examined and pay off that pesky library fine.
  • helped students publish their first pieces of writing on our class blog.
  • wrote more demerits than I can count, but no office referrals.
  • discovered the reason that one student has almost two dozen unexcused absences.  He revealed that they can’t afford to wash his clothes, and sometimes he stays home because all of his clothes stink.
  • booked a Spring Break flight!  DC,  here we come!
  • completed a workout that both kicked my butt and rendered my right leg mostly unusable.
  • attempted to teach the proper use of dialogue.  The verdict is still out on the successfulness of that attempt.

That’s the first installment!  Happy Friday!

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