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Word Study: Granny

January 10, 2011

The term “Granny” is a new one to me and I like it.  I have a Mimi and a Mamaw, who are my grandmothers.  However, the overwhelming majority of my students refer to their respective Mimis and Mamaws as “Granny”.  Where I come from, the term carries a somewhat derogatory undertone, indicating frailty, ineptitude, and lacking mental capacity.  In fact, I’ve been referring to myself as a Granny lately, thanks to my bum back and shoddy memory.  But these kids use it in a way that signals the highest levels of love and respect.  It’s a fascinating cultural difference.

That’s why I didn’t mind one bit when precious (at times) little L hollered “Granny, come here!” to request my help this week.  Given, he quickly caught and corrected his slip of the tongue, and we all enjoyed a good belly laugh.  I’ll say that it was quite the honor to be accidentally beckoned as such by a student.

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