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November 3, 2010

Back in the beginning of the school year, I wrote a rather involved post about The Classroom Library Dilemma.  Twas quite an epic issue over which I lost much sleep.  Ladies and Gents, I have good news:  the Dilemma has been SOLVED.

After lengthy researching and numerous trials of various library database programs, I settled on Delicious Library.  It offered everything I wanted including:

  • the ability to scan books in (using the built-in camera on my MacBook),
  • a low price ($40 bucks),
  • authorization for multiple computers (allowing me to scan in my library on my personal computer and then transfer it to the school computer, which doesn’t have a webcam),
  • ability to operate on an earlier OS (essential for that ancient eMac in my classroom),
  • an extensive and easily accessible “Help” option,
  • a user-friendly setup that allows my students to check out their own books by dragging and dropping,
  • awesome graphics of book covers for about 75% of the books (making it even more kid-friendly),
  • easy search feature, and

Seriously, this is the single best purchase I’ve made this year.  The investment on the front end was about 3 hours (to scan in some 500 books) and $40.  The payoff of class time and sanity saved:  invaluable.  Going to the school library often isn’t an option for my students, and the Delicious Library has made them able to check out books easily in the classroom.

Now that we’re in a new building, the books are still packed.  We’re spending tomorrow unpacking them as a class and learning a little bit more about the importance of keeping them organized.

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