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I’m a granny.

September 24, 2010

In the past week, we have had not one, but two very loud, very energetic school-wide events.

Last Friday, it was the school-wide dance.  During school hours.  With paid admission.  Don’t even get me started on that part of it.  The part I’m most concerned about:  noise.  Between the gangster rap being played as entertainment and the screaming of prepubescent children as they chase one another around the gym, I can’t think.

Today’s noisy event of choice was a pep rally.  I’ve yet to understand the need for pep rallies in middle school, but dutifully attend and attempt to appear to have fun.  But don’t think the raucous cheering of students and booty-dancing of cheerleaders don’t get to me.  Each time I survive one of these events, I mentally pat myself on the back and later treat myself to an extra Diet Coke.

This time, though, I managed to avoid both monstrosities!  I volunteered last week to stay behind with a group of good kids who “didn’t want to attend” (read:  couldn’t pay for) the dance.  They drew on whiteboards, played Battleship, and dusted my classroom while I graded papers and had some down time.  Today, I was somehow voted to stay behind with students not going to the pep rally for behavioral reasons.  There were only 5 of them.  SCORE!

Essentially, I will do just about anything to avoid attending din-filled school-wide celebrations.  I just can’t handle it.

Really, the moral of this story is:  I may be only 24, but I’m a granny at heart.

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