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LP Pencil Box

August 6, 2010

As the new school year approaches more rapidly that I anticipated, I have been scrambling to prepare myself.  My classroom has desks, papers, laminating film, books, baskets, cleaning supplies, notebooks, art materials, chairs, and paint all strewn throughout its small space.  It looks as though it has been hit by multiple natural disasters….or just me.

Yesterday, I took a break from the organizing to drive across town and shop for some free school supplies.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s shopping.  Add “school supplies” and “free” into the mix, and this girl has found heaven!  I have mentioned LP Pencil Box in a previous post that explained how grateful teachers in my district are to have such a helpful service.  It truly is amazing.

The flood back in May (or the #othersituation2010, as many Nashvillians dubbed it) essentially wiped out the stock of school supplies the Pencil Box had stored away for future use.  After some pretty amazing renovations and donations, they were able to reopen this week, just in time for school to start.  However, it is certainly apparent that they are short on supplies.  The storage rooms are along the hallway you walk down to enter the actual Pencil Box.  These rooms used to be teeming with various supplies and volunteers working to sort through them all.  Yesterday, they were eerily bare, indicating to me that there is a chance they will run out of supplies before all teachers have the opportunity to shop.

As the school year starts up, and Tennesseans prepare to shop tax-free this weekend, please consider sending a few items to LP Pencil Box.  There is a room as soon as you walk in for you to simply drop the donations (the walls are 95% pink and it’s awesome).  If your church, school, or workplace is doing a school supply drive, this is the place to donate.  The items go directly into the hands of teachers from every school in the county and the teachers individually distribute them to the students most in need.  They also have volunteer opportunities, if you are looking for another way to get involved.

For now, I’m off to work at the mall for my first of 3 consecutive days (who said this job was “part-time”?).  Happy tax-free shopping, Tennesseans!

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