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February 20, 2010

Backstory: My friend Lauryn teaches first grade down the street from me. She is one of the most patient, calm, devoted teachers (and people) I know.

Lately, Lauryn and I have spent our infinite snow days discussing the generosity of others. We both teach underprivileged children and are always looking for ways to make their lives better. Try as we might, we can’t do it all ourselves.

You know all about my DonorsChoose page. OUR PROJECT GOT FUNDED!! I don’t even know how to properly thank everyone who donated to this endeavor. Our supplies arrived on Wednesday and I stayed there until an ungodly hour to unpack and organize everything. My students oo-ed and ah-ed over the transformation of our supply cabinet. They are so excited to start using their own supply boxes and to have access to everything they need! Pictures to come!

This morning, I went to LP Pencil Box to shop for free school supplies. The Pencil Box allows teachers to come once a semester and pick up a few things that are needed to keep a classroom running. Though there are limits on how many items you can take, this is a fantastic resource for teachers. I left there with somewhat of a holy grail: pencils and three-prong folders, scissors and magazines. And BOOKS. These are precious commodities in the middle school classroom.

I sent out a plea for magazine subscriptions back in November, and the response was beyond what I could have hoped for. My kids are reading everything from Sports Illustrated to Discover Kids. Great to see!

Lauryn’s students got to have a Christmas party with the Vanderbilt student-athletes and experience their first pajama party thanks to a friend of her family.

The generosity is astounding. It’s good to know there are amazing people out there. You rock. 🙂

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